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What is Flame Proofing?
FlameProofing (or Fire Proofing) is the treatment of drapes, curtains, awning and decorations made from natural fibers (such as cotton) with a materials that reduce its flammability so that it becomes nearly non-combustible.

What needs to be Flame Proofed in a Public Building?
According to the Fire Department of New York City (FDNY) which enforces the regulations in New York City, all decorations, drapes, curtains, awning, scenery, and other materials used for artistic enhancement in public buildings, unless already made of noncombustible material, must be flame proofed.
The New York Fire Department regulations apply to all public buildings including the following:

How and Where is the Flame Proofing process done?
Flame Proofing process involves either coating or soaking the material or items in fire retardant material. In most cases, flameproofing can be done on site, preferably when there is limited presence of the public, but it is not necessary. Articles may also be removed, flame proofed off-site and then reinstalled.

Who can perform the Flame Proofing process?
Only a person holding a “Certificate of Fitness for flameproofing” from FDNY may flameproof or personally supervise the flameproofing of the materials to be used inside public buildings.

Why Use FlameProofing-NYC when you need Flame Proofing?
At FlameProofing-NYC we are proud to carry the Certificate of Fitness for Flameproofing from FDNY. Only chemicals that were approved by the Fire Deoartment may be used. Those chemical are non-toxic and environmentally friendly

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